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Men Gray jacket Barracuda Sirio


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Thanks to his water-resistant material and to his very light padding, this windbreaker jacket perfectly adapts to every climatic change, and it fits with every kind of clothing: from the classic one to the most casual and sportive.


  • Wolf ribbed neck
  • Long sleeves with ribbed wrists
  • Two frontal pockets on the waist
  • Rib-worked hem
  • Fully lined and padded
  • Classic Pivert logo embroidered on the left of the chest
  • Machine washable

Our models dress up:
Lorenzo: 1.84 cm, 72 kg, size M
Diego: 1.73cm, 72kg size S
Andrea: 1.99cm, 110kg, size XL



Classification: Binary Star (White Main Line Star + White Nana)

Constellation: Major Dog

Description: Also known as Star of the Dog or Star Canal; in Latin Sīrĭus) is a white star of the Con canyon constellation; is the brightest star of the night sky with an apparent magnitude of -1.46 and an absolute magnitude of +1.40. Its brilliance in heaven is due both to its intrinsic brightness and its proximity to the Sun; Sirio is in fact at a distance of 8.6 light years, and is therefore one of the stars closest to the Earth.

Remarks: Sirius can be observed from all the regions inhabited by Earth and, in the Northern Hemisphere, is one of the tops of the Astronomy of the Winter Triangle. It looks like a bright star of a marked white-blue color; although it is in the southern hemisphere, it is close enough to the heavenly equator to be visible even at very north latitudes.

Curiosity: In many cultures, the star has often been associated with the shape of a dog. The Greeks thought that its glitter at its elixir could damage crops, lead to severe drought or even cause and spread angry epidemics; its name derives from ancient Greek Σείριος [14] (pronounced Séirios), which means shining, but also burning, burning. The Romans used to sacrifice a dog together with a sheep and wine, in order to prevent the harmful effects of this star. The days when these ceremonies were consumed, at the beginning of the summer, were known as the Dog Days, and the star Sirio Stella Canicula.

Astrological characteristics: enthusiasm and impetuosity, passionate, ambitious, enterprising, audacious, proud, excessive and authoritarian, with a spirit of initiative.

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