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Men Sweatshirt Gray Lead Aldebaran

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  • Regular fit, easy shaped silhouette
  • Round neck
  • Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs
  • Rib-worked hem
  • Embroidered logo on the left of the chest
  • 15% cashmere – 85% cotton
  • Machine washable

Our models dress up:
Lorenzo: 1.84 cm, 72 kg and size M
Diego: 1.73cm, 72kg and size S
Andrea: 1.99cm, 110kg and size XL



Classification: Orange giant

Constellation: Taurus

Description: It is a brighter star from the Taurus constellation. With 0.98 magnitude, it is the brightest star of the constellation, as well as the fourteenth brightest in the night sky. Approximately 65 light years from Earth, it is an orange giant spectrum class K5 III, about 500 times brighter than the Sun

Remark: It looks like a star of orange color, 500 times brighter than the Sun and about 40 times larger; one of the easiest to spot in the night sky, both for its great brightness and for its association with one of the most famous asterisms of the celestial vault: the Orion Belt. If you trace a line passing through the three stars forming the Belt from left to right (in the Northern Hemisphere) or from right to left (in the Southern Hemisphere), the first bright star you meet is Aldebaran. In the other direction, the first bright star you meet is Sirio.

Curiosity: Its name derives from the Arabic word al-Dabarān (الدبران), “behind it”, in reference to the way the star appears nearby and just after the Pleiades cluster in their nightly motion.

Astrological Features: A clever intelligence and eloquence, promptness and acumen to seize the opportunities that lead to success.

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