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Men Sweatshirt White Deneb


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Deneb (sweatshirt)

This round-neck sweatshirt is ideal for everyday use and for relaxing with friends.


  • Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs
  • Round neck with ribbed insert
  • Embroidered logo on the left of the chest
  • Rib-worked hem
  • Machine washable

Our models dress up:
Lorenzo: 1.84 cm, 72 kg and size M
Diego: 1.73cm, 72kg and size S
Andrea: 1.99cm, 110kg and size XL



Classification: White supergiant

Constellation: Swan

Description: It is a star of the Swan constellation. With an apparent magnitude of 1.25, it is the brightest star of the constellation as well as the nineteenth brightest star of the night sky.

Observation: Your observation is favored by the Northern Hemisphere. Deneb is a super-giant white spectral class, easily identifiable in the night sky due to its brightness. Located on the background of the Milky Way, Deneb is easily recognizable in the night sky because of its brightness and the fact that it belongs to the most striking asterism of the summer sky of the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Triangle, formed by Deneb, Vega of Lira and Altair of Aquila.

Curiosity: Its name derives from the Arabic expression Dhaneb, meaning tail. The reference to a hen instead of a swan is explained by the fact that although the constellation in Roman, Greek, Arabic, and Mesopotamian has been consistently represented as a bird, it has from time to time taken the shape of a swan or an eagle, a hen or a pigeon

Astrological Characteristics: Determined character with a proper dose of stubbornness, who wants to move forward, finish his job, stay in business, for those who are not afraid to say what he thinks.

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